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Us:     The us in our farm consists of me, Laurie, my husband Todd and our two children Matija (Tia) and Colt. 


We began our foray into dairy goats when Colt was a month or so old, after spending countless hours in the ER and trying

first nursing him, then formula after formula after formula.  We were finally told to find someone with a goat and try goats

milk.  WAH LAH!  I am exceedingly happy to say that was pretty much the end of our ER visits.  The mucousy inability to

breathe among other things went away.  


Todd was none to happy at the prospect of having goats or even "a" goat for that matter.  I did not want to have to try and

find somewhere to get milk and went out and bought a saanen type doe who was milking.   She was not a pretty goat but

I wasn't finding many options at the time.  Somewhere I have a picture of her, looking back at her now saying "she was not

a pretty goat". is being very very kind.  But she served her purpose.   She almost stopped me from ever drinking goats milk

again though as she had NASTY milk.  It didn't matter what we fed her either it was just not good.  Our journey into goats

probably would have gone no further then this except for Todd.   He insisted if we were going to have goats we should find

some "good" goats and so we started looking for a registered doe.  We came upon Daniel Drake, who I will forever blame

most of my "goat problems" on <grin>.  He didn't have a doe in milk for sale but knew a lady.  We went to the ladies and

bought a couple of goats.  a year or so passed and Daniel kept telling us we should join the local goat club or go to one of

the local shows.  Which we eventually did.  This lead to even more goats, so now I can blame Colt, Todd and Daniel for the

fact that I have had over 100 goats at a time at one point,  none of it was/is my fault.   


So that's how we got into them to begin with.  We started out with Saanens and Nubians.   at one time or another we have

all the ADGA recognized breeds and now are back to concentrating on Saanens and Lamanchas.   We do have a old

Nubian and Oberhasli who are beyond the age that I think they should have to adapt to a new home but other then them

kidding once a year until they are beyond breeding time we do not plan to really work with those breeds any longer.  We also

have a single Toggenburg who Colt loves and so she is staying also. 


We have some farm ground that has been in Todd's family for awhile which we are hoping to slowly be able to do something

with to get it back into better production and someday move onto. But for now we keep relatively busy with the goats, the

two legged kids and work. 



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