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                                        Kidding Season has Finally Begun - Most kids are for sale


We have changed our focus to Saanens and Lamanchas.  There were a few reasons but the main stickler is having just a couple of breeds will hopefully make it easier to work with the animals we have instead of stretching ourselves out with all the different breeds.   I had originally planned to keep Toggs too but we have had the worst kind of luck with Toggs (mostly togg bucks!) and I finally conceded defeat. 


My new goal is to keep the herd at no more then 25, although we may keep extra doe kids and then sell them after they freshen as yearlings.    We generally have quite a few kids available in the springtime and the occasional milker being sold as a family milker.  In 2009 we will not be keeping young males as bucks for very long. If you are interested in a buck kids, either as breeding stock or packgoats, please let us know in advance.  But please be aware we will not hold ANY kid, buck or doe without a deposit. 



the last few years we haven't shown as extensively as we did in the past we are hoping to add more shows to our itinerary again soon. 




The entire herd has once again tested negative for CAE at WSU in 12/07


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