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  The lovely little Bellatrix is a new addition to our family.  

Tia has wanted a Great Dane for a very long time but it kept

getting put off.  Now there were no more excuses, she had the

money and we were ready.    Right now at only 10 weeks she

is of course quite small (try telling that to the other dogs!)

but she will be huge soon enough.   


 This page will be dedicated solely to her and you can follow

her growth and education if you so desire. 


           Bellatrix before she came home:    3 weeks


                                                            4 weeks



                                             Bellatrix after she came home!




Bella's adventures in the chair:

                                             Here it starts:



               Now here we are!   




Bella isn't allowed on the couch...  here is her NOT being on the couch! 

  (and yes she's grown a bit from the first picture to the last)







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