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Utopia Narcissa  Malfoy  L1454968       

2/23/08  Dark Chocolate Brown



SS: willow Run WRP Sirius Black                                                                                         

S: Autumn-Acres Phineas Black                                                                                                        

SD: CH Autumn-Acres Cycas Jamica                                                                                   


DS: Blue- Cedars Superstar                                                                                               

D: SGCH Utopia Spirit of the Olympics                                                                                               

DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Black Beauty                                                                                    





Narcissa will be left dry for 2009


Narcissa is colored like BS, as kids when I registered them i SWEAR they were chocolate brown!  you can still see a little of the brown

in her in the picture above, right now in real life I swear she is as black as black can be!  I am going to add a picture o of her as a kid to

prove I wasn't mental when I registered her as chocolate brown!

Now does that look black to you?  me either, she did have black tipping and legs but she was definately brown at one time!                                                                   




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