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Prices shown on the breed pages are prices for pre-ordered kids.  these prices may or may not go up on unreserved kids once they are born.  Listed prices include boarding up to 4 weeks of age while shipping or pickup arrangements are being made.  after 4 weeks of age a $1 a day board fee will be added to the sale price of the kid. (PLEASE NOTE: kids will not be ready to wean at 4 weeks of age and will need to continue to be bottle fed for at least 4 more weeks, preferably longer)    We reserve the option to purchase 20 units of semen for the cost of collection on all bucks we sell (kid or adult), if this is going to be a problem, let us know so the price can be refactored.  thanks.




A  $100 Deposit is required to reserve a unborn kid  This deposit is refundable ONLY if the kid reserved is not born.  It is not refundable because of change of mind or change of plan.   Full payment of the kid must be received within 14 days of notification of birth or the kid will be reoffered for sale and the deposit will not be returned.   All costs associated with the purchase of the kid must be received before the animal leaves our farm.  

I will not decide to retain a reserved animal in my herd.  I do not think it is fair to the person who took the initiative to reserve and then wait for a kid to be born only to be told "we're keeping it".  The only time I will go against a deposit is if a kid is born with a structural or health problem and then the purchaser will be immediately notified.


A Deposit of 50% of the purchase price of a already born kid or adult offered for sale will hold said animal until the agreed upon pickup time.  All Costs associated with the purchase of said animals including any shipping or health requirements are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be paid in full before the animal leaves the farm.  Deposits are nonrefundable for any reason.   




We accept Cash, Checks or Postal money order for deposits or entire payment.   Personal checks are only accepted if sent with sufficient time for them to clear the bank before animal pickup.    We do have a paypal account but there would be a additional 3% charge to use this option to pay the Paypal fees. 






We ship out of the Salt Lake International Airport (SLC).  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser these are including but not limited to:

any vet requirements; health certificates or any other additional testing requested or needed for importation, airfare, kennel cost etc

Currently a standard interstate health certificate has been running us $25.  Any tests needed are additional.


The Salt Lake Airport is a 300 mile round trip for us, because of the current state of fuel prices we regret to have to start charging $50 per trip to help offset the price of fuel, our time to go will still as always be free. 



Our whole herd of animals are annually blood tested for CAE (WSU) and Biennially for CL.  We have not officially started the voluntary scrapie program but hope to have the vet come out in the next short while to begin. 


12/2006   blood is sent, results pending

12/2006 CAE results- whole herd negative

12/2005 CAE and CL results- whole herd negative


Replacement of Animals:


We will only consider replacing a animal that has been found to have a genetic inability to breed.  The request must be accompanied by a full medical workup stating the medical findings by a qualified and practicing veterinarian that the problem is of a genetic and not management origin.   All costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the purchaser.   


 We cannot guarantee the health of a animal once it goes into the care and management practices of another person or farm.  We also cannot guarantee a animal will mature into a fabulous show animal or a stupendous milker.  There are to many variables both in genetics and in management. 



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