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On this page you will find the "menagerie" who for one reason or another didn't have to find new homes when

we cut down to (almost) only Saanens and Lamanchas.  You will also find any Recorded Grades we might end up with.






Utopia Coffee's Little Bits     AT1294500                 American Toggenburg                                        
3/02/2004    Medium Brown with correct white markings 


SS: *B Willow Run Hashim Stoker                    
S: M'S Sagebrush WRHS MR Coffee                                   
SD:CH M'S Sagebrush Acres Cocoa Dust           

DS:GCH ++*B Canyon View Mary's Maestro       
D: Powder Horn Marquella CVMM 8*M                                
DD: GCH Powder Horn Marquetry SCC 7*M        




was bred to Phin for togg lamancha cross kids

one doe kid born and available  $150 with recordation papers  $75 without papers



4B Smooth Tinkerbelle  N1159979              Purebred Nubian                                         
2/04/1999  Frosted Brown; Tan & Black Markings; white ears, crown, muzzle 


SS:GCH ++*B Hallcienda Frosty Marvin                                                                        
S:GCH ++*B Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator                                                                       
SD:GCH Kismet Hero's Nutmeg 2*M                                                                             

DS:GCH ++*B Bar W Santana J                                                                                  
D: GCH 4B SJ Bonnie Belle 2*M                                                                                          

  DD: GCH MWL Navajo's Disco Dolly 1*M                                                                       





Tinker is now our loner nubian. 



SGCH Seekhaven Farm Heather 1*M     AB1076718        American Oberhasli                                                 
3/08/1998    Medium Red Bay with Correct Black Markings  


SS: *B Highwater Gideon                        
S: +B Hy Hopes Hill Gids Glory                                 
SD: CH Hy Hopes Hill Swiss Miss               

DS:+*B Highwater Alchemist                    
D: CH Seekhaven Farm Elsa                                   
DD:Alpenglow Winners Raveah 1*M           




Utopia Isla Black   E1454983              Experimental togg/lamancha

7/20/2008   Black and white


SS: willow Run WRP Sirius Black                                                                                         

S: Autumn-Acres Phineas Black                                                                                                        

SD: CH Autumn-Acres Cycas Jamica                                                                                   


DS: Utopia rums Winning Spirit                                                                                               

D: Utopia Broken Promises                                                                                                               

DD: P-K Acres PRP Talk's Promise                                                                                     


May be left dry for 2009     



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